Monday, January 21, 2013

The Best Olive Oil You Will Ever Experience...

Most of you have either heard of or have seen the movie, "Under The Tuscan Sun"--the somewhat autobiographical story of author Frances Mayes. In the movie, Frances moves to Tuscany on a whim and purchases a villa named Bramasole. Since the book and the movie came out several years ago, I've had the opportunity to meet Frances twice. Her story has really inspired me to follow my passion.

Recently, I found out that Frances and her husband Edward Mayes were off on a new venture--making their own Extra Virgin Olive Oil! How fantastic! This oil would be made from the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino olives grown on the Bramasole property! Some samples of two vintages of the oil, 2011 and 2012, were sent to me and I could not wait to try them out!

Italians consume 15 liters of olive oil per person per year. On the other hand, Americans do not. Not even close. One taste of this oil and their minds could be changed forever! Olive oil has concentrations of polyphenols that carry anti-inflammatory properties. In other words, you should consume more! It's good for your health!

I truly did not know what to expect and what I got in return, after sampling the oil, was the largest surprise of my life! I received a small can of the newly pressed 2012 vintage. The instructions were to pour some in a white glass bowl and eat it with some crusty peasant bread, which I did! It was amazing! So lush, so green, so peppery. I had never tasted anything like it before in my life! Even the bottle of the 2011 vintage was still peppery but the flavors had integrated to a smooth, beautiful finish! Oh my!

I am completely spoiled for life! The Extra Virgin olive oil I have been purchasing at the grocery store has been retired. I'm sold. Every dish I have added this oil to now has an indescribable richness. Wow!

So---how can you obtain this oil? Frances and Edward have started the Bramasole Olive Oil Convivium.
Information on this is available on their website, The oil can be purchased by case or as a 5-liter can. When you order this oil, you will know where it came from and on what date it was harvested.
Most olive oils do not mention this on their label. I think it's worth it. You will be spoiled and your culinary experience will be forever changed. For an amazing experience, please give the Bramasole Olive Oil a try!

I would like to thank my friend Chef Robin White and Frances and Edward Mayes for allowing me to experience such greatness. I also want to thank my friend Katherine Parker for assisting with the photos.

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