Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Bordeaux-blend for the Faithful

About a year ago, I became aware of a winemaker named Nick Goldschmidt. Born and raised in New Zealand but currently living in California, Nick had been working hard--toiling away at his craft for over twenty years. A lot of people do not know Nick or what he does, but they should. Nick is a master at making some outstanding, highly rated wines--regardless of price point. I have been drinking one such wine for about four months now. This wine has managed to keep me purchasing it month after month. Everytime I drink a bottle, it speaks to me, seduces me and keeps me coming back for more...

2006 Goldschmidt Vineyards "Fidelity" , hails from Crazy Creek Estate in the Alexander Valley of northern Sonoma County. Nick says this land has all the perfect components coming together to help him handcraft such a wine. Predominantly Merlot with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, it is a rich, layered wine with luscious dark fruits (plum and currant) and is spicy and supple with a long finish. I know what you're thinking. What is all this bountiful goodness going to cost me? Depending on where you purchase it--oh, between $9 and $12 a bottle. What??? How he can make such a beautiful wine and sell it for pennies a bottle is beyond my comprehension. Yes! I was completely stumped.

Nick has managed to create a gem. He sure had me fooled! Guess all of his years of driving around the Alexander Valley and surveying the land has paid off. And although these aren't small production bottles (Nick made 12,000 cases--thank goodness!), once people find this wine, it'll be gone in a flash. Where can you buy it? Well, here's the tricky part. I've hunted unsuccessfully for on-line sites and haven't seen it in grocery stores. I purchased mine at one of those super club stores. Recently, a wine magazine gave it a very good score so you may want to check online again.

If you find this wine, stock up and don't let go! I'm going to keep drinking it until there is no more... On the back label, Nick mentions "Try drinking just one glass....Impossible!" My sentiments exactly!

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