Saturday, August 7, 2010

WBC or BUST Day One: Making More Great Memories in Washington State

This week, I am doing something a bit different than my usual posting. I will be posting two back to back. How come? Because the first day of our WBCorBust adventure was so incredible that the afternoon and evening segments needed their own posts to give them justice. I love it when I get these bursts of creative energy and I need to act upon them! I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed being a part of them.

After a wonderful morning of touring and tasting in Woodinville, we made our way into The Barking Frog restaurant for lunch. This was no ordinary lunch but a dazzling three-course menu by Chef Bobby Moore and accompanied by three wines poured by DeLille Cellars’ owner/partner Jay Soloff.

DeLille Cellars, housed in a gorgeous French Chateau-style winery, was founded in 1992. They produce exceptional and highly rated wines with an emphasis on Bordeaux and Rhone varietals. Jay was one of the most genuine and approachable people I met that week and his passion for teaching us all about his wines and where they came from really stood out. His excitement about being a part of our event was infectious and I couldn't wait to sample the wines and get to know more about them! Check out this video below, filmed by my friend, Bill Eyer of Cuvee Corner Blog at our Woodinville producers tasting earlier that day...


Our first course was the restaurant’s signature appetizer--Grand Marnier Prawns with mixed organic greens and a lemongrass vinaigrette. Jay poured his 2009 Doyenne RoseYakima Valley--a tasty and refreshing Rhone-blend of Mourvedre, Grenache and Cinsault.$24.

For the second course, we were given a choice of chicken or seafood and I, of course, chose the seafood. Washington has some of the best seafood in the world so it was a natural choice for me. The entrée of seared sea scallops was accompanied by asparagus risotto, baby spinach, pancetta, Cipollini onion and a carrot reduction. It was magnificent! The wine, 2008 DeLille Cellars Chaleur Estate Blanc Columbia Valley was a white Bordeaux blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. $34. A very classy pairing. (We would sample this wine again during the “White Wine Speed Blogging” session in Walla Walla later in the week!)

The dessert course was amazing! A dark chocolate coffee ganache with a milk chocolate cremieux and salted caramel. It was so beautiful resembling a work of art! I could’ve seriously run away with that dessert! It was paired up with the 2007 Doyenne Signature Syrah. $37. The plum and raspberry -pepper flavors melded with the chocolate and made for a sinfully rich experience!

I could have used a nap after lunch but our chariot awaited to take us back to Seattle for a tour of the Pike Brewing Company. The Pike Brewing Company, located in the heart of Seattle, was a busy brew pub with whimsical decor. I don’t usually drink a lot of beer. However, I was game because every so often, I crave one so I used the hour or so we were there to sample a few of the beers and relax in the moment. The tour was a lot of fun but since I am not swell-schooled on beers, so I will let you imagine what it was like visiting through photos. "I Like Pike" is their motto and I think we all felt that way when we exited...

My thanks to friends Bill Eyer of Cuvee Corner Blog and Tom Plant of Wineormous for use of some of their photos and video. You guys are the BEST!

For more information on DeLille Cellars, The Barking Frog Restaurant and Pike Brewery, please visit their websites:

Following the tour, we made our way back to the Renaissance Hotel to check in and relax for a very short time because what awaited us was a magical, wonderful evening on Pier 70. Stay tuned for part two!!


  1. OMG your lunch looks fantastic and I bet the wine pairings were spot on. Looks like I missed a fabulous and memorable trip!

  2. Indeed your creative burst for posting this blog really did justice. I enjoyed the post, the pictures, the food and the way that you have described your experience. I feel as if I am too was part of that event.