Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do You Soave?

Gotcha! No, it's a not a dance move...But Soave may just become a way of life. What do I mean? Those who know me well know that I am about 98% devoted to domestic wines because there are so many yet to be discovered in our country. But every so often, I like to stray...Go on vacation. Recently, I went to Italy, figuratively speaking that is. And what I discovered was an absolutely wonderful white wine that I'm hoping will become a staple in my home and in yours. It was worth discovering!

Not long ago, I was approached by a PR firm in New York, offering me samples of this important discovery. I jumped at the chance because I knew nothing about this wine, Soave. How important is this wine in Italy? So important, it even has its own consortium: Soave Corsorzio Tutela--a group that has come together to keep this wine alive and in the eyes of the public. Their mission is to protect the quality of these wines and to promote the area.

Soave is produced in a small area of northeastern Italy. Called the Veneto region, this area was once covered by a tropical sea. Now its terroir is contains rich minerals and saline sediments lending to the fresh and fruit forward flavors of this wine. The native grape of this area is Garganega. Garganega is usually blended with another varietal, Trebbiano di Soave and is stainless steel fermented. The wines produced from these grapes are elegant, rich in flavor and ageworthy. Served cold, this white wine is delicious and pairs with many fresh Summer dishes, including salads, vegetables, white meats such as chicken and pork and seafood.

I was able to sample two of the four types of Soave: Soave DOC and Soave Classico DOC. The first of the two was the 2009 ReMidas, a Soave DOC made up of 100% Garganega. It is made by Cantina di Soave, a cooperative made up of 2,200 winegrowers and farmers. This wine is a wonderful value at around $10 a bottle. It has a beautiful lemony, floral aroma and is full of citrus notes and stone fruit qualities. I found it to be a refreshing change and a great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc.

(I decided to show you the beauty of this region by sharing the above video from YouTube. It is in Italian but if you can disregard the language barrier, you will find a beautiful video. Also I was able to sample one of their wines so now you can see where it came from!)

The Cantina Del Castello Soave Classico DOC was also a crisp, wonderful alternative white. Made of 90% Garganega and 10% Trebbiano di Soave, this wine also had a floral nose but more of a stone fruit and honeysuckle quality, not as citrusy. It was very lovely. Perfect wine to be enjoyed on a hot Summer day! $15.

These wines are definitely worth a good look. Enjoy them anytime of the year! If you are unable to find them in your area, please go to the following website for more information:

"You Saw It Here First"...This post was created solely for "Cellarmistress' Cellar Talk" by Grace Hoffman. Grace is an Italian-born, American-bred wine blogger/educator with an all-consuming passion for wine and all it encompasses.


  1. Love Soave and really wish I had a glass right now since it's about 100 degrees here in South Florida! I'm making Rosemary Shrimp Skewers for dinner and think you've just inspired a great pairing - thanks for sharing:)

  2. I hadn't heard of this varietal and now seeing the price, I'm really excited to find and try this white. Summer's disappearing here in the northwest, but I think that I could squeeze a few more fresh salads and warm porch evenings out of the season. Thanks for the post.
    Kelsey at