Monday, October 12, 2009


I've been in a bubbly mood for awhile now. Scratch that! I've been in a mood for bubbly for awhile now. Since my palate went out of the country on vacation recently, I decided to ask it where it wanted to go next... France? Well, that's a thought but while it would be a nice gesture, you don't always have to go to Champagne to get decent bubbly. How about Spain? Really? Um, ok...How about that! Could I really go to Spain to experience this? It brought back an evil flashback from awhile ago. I posted an update on Facebook once: "Looking for some GOOD Spanish Cava." Someone replied, "Is there such a thing?" I'm proving that person wrong tonight because, yes, there is such a thing. I think I finally found it...

NV Gran Sarao Brut Cava...This is a classic Cava originating from a vineyard in Barcelona and contains the classic Cava grape varietals--Macabeo, Xarel-lo and Parellada but it has an interesting twist--10% Chardonnay. That Chardonnay adds to the flavor, making it a bit more complex yet leaving it clean and pretty and everything a light, sparkling wine should be. Just smell it! You'll be addicted! Inhale the aroma of fresh bread dough. It's yeasty. The mid-palate brings ripe apple and apricot flavor and the finish is crisp but lingers..and it stays on your mind, too....Mmmm....12-15 months of bottle aging. Fantastic. You won't forget it!

Guess what! It's not going to break your pocket book either--anywhere from $10-13 depending on where you buy it. I got mine at Cost Plus/World Market. What a nice deal! So get your party on! Every day is a reason to go out and get this wine! Make it a bubbly day everybody!

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