Thursday, October 8, 2009

Savoring My Sassy Sauvignon Blanc

I cannot believe it's been over two months since I visited California and attended the 2008 North American Wine Blogger's Conference. I was high as a kite from the sheer pleasure of being in wine country and sampling all those wonderful wines! And as you will recall in my August blog posts regarding the conference, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my social media contacts, Lisa Broman-Augustine and completely by accident at that! I happened to get on the correct bus that took me to Gargiulo Vineyards that evening for dinner and she happened to be there representing Broman Cellars with a couple of their wines. She greeted me with a big, warm hug. She couldn't have been a friendlier, nicer person and we enjoyed some great conversation at dinner. One of the wines served that evening was the 2008 Broman Cellars Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc. I just remember being in a whirlwind haze of giddiness, enjoying the serene, beautiful surroundings, and that wine--well it really stood out! I knew I would not find anything as nice at home. When I got back home, I couldn't stop thinking about that wine! Just as soon as I came back to earth with a big thud in the midst of the Iowa prairie, my very own bottle of this wine arrived compliments of Lisa. Thank you, thank you!

I've been staring at it for weeks! Should I share it with my friends? Should I be greedy and not share it with my friends? Oh, heck! I gave up and dug in this evening because I got tired of just looking at it. I just wanted to drink it and share my experience with my public! This wine is one of Napa Valley's best kept secrets. And I apologize, but I just can't keep a secret...

Broman Cellars was founded by winemaker Bob Broman and his wife Deborah. It is a family-owned business. Bob has been a winemaker for over 30 years, assisting others with winemaking duties in the process of creating his own dream. They own a small vineyard in the Deer Park area of St. Helena and created their first wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon in 1994. They also make a nice Syrah, which I got to sample at the dinner that evening as well as the Sauvignon Blanc I am discussing now.

The 2008 Sauvignon Blanc is definitely a stand-out when it comes to this varietal. With grapes sourced from the Beckstoffer Vineyard and from the Melrose Vineyard in Rutherford, California, this 100% Sauvignon Blanc is elegant but has a very sassy side to it! It dances with a lot of lemony and citrus notes, light floral notes and stone fruits and finishes very crisp. The perfect accompaniment to salads, seafood and poultry. I could drink it alone on a hot day, patio sipping or what not. (I have to lament, today is not a hot day, but a cold, midwestern day and I would still drink it...) And the price point of $17 easily makes it a must!

"Where can I get this wine???" Well, you can purchase it at It's small production. If you are looking for a Napa Valley deal, you got it right here! Incredible wine, incredible price point from one of Napa Valley's best kept secrets. Ooops--I guess I gave it away!

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