Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Final Blend

A couple posts ago, I mentioned I was invited to be part of Crushpad's First "Fusebox" Cabernet Blend-Off. After I agreed to do it, Crushpad sent me all the tools to create my blend and on October 21st, I decided to celebrate my birthday in style--I had a blending party with my three closest friends.

As you remember, we had trouble at the beginning of our session back in August. This blending session went without a hitch. We had one goal in mind--to make the best and winning blend! As a serious red wine drinker, I knew what I was going for. I took all of my expertise--the countless visits to Napa Valley wineries, the wine-related classes and tastings I'd attended and the countless books I'd read and poured it into my blending session. I wanted to make an elegant, classy blend that would appeal to the serious red wine drinker. We started with a basic blend, then tweaked it, fine tuned it and the end result was, in our opinion, everything we wanted it to be. But best of all, we had fun doing this. That's what it was about--having fun and sharing good wine with friends.

I left that night feeling confident that people would like my wine. And if not, so be it. Everyone's palate is different. Still, I had to design a label for my blend--something I felt would be very hard to do. I'm a writer not an artist. But I do have an eye for beautiful things and I needed to create a label that not only would attract attention but would depict the beauty of my blend. I feel like I have accomplished this. It only happened after it came to me in a dream. After that night, the answer was as clear as day! The best part about the label is the story that ties the wine in with it to make the complete package. Once you see it, you will completely understand... I hope you get to see it!

I have now accomplished my mission. The deadline is tomorrow morning. My blend and label have been e-mailed to Crushpad and I have already gotten some feedback and it is all positive! Now, I have to sit and wait for the next week until Monday, November 9th when they will announce the two winners: one for the label and one for the blend. If anyone was ever more enthusiastic about a project, it had to be me. I Tweeted and Facebooked the heck out of it! I wanted the world and my competitors to know what I was doing! A little healthy competition never hurt anyone...

I want to thank Crushpad and Linda Yee for this fantastic opportunity! I want to thank all my supporters out there--please keep rooting for me! You keep me inspired! And, last but not least, I want to wish my nine competitors the best of luck once again! Hope to see you in the Winner's Circle!

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